Wednesday, April 4, 2012


So, I kinda jumped the gun yesterday with my post about the Early Entrance Giveaway - because it turns out that it's not for early entrance to register to the event - it's for 2 FREE TICKETS!!

But, there is ALSO an EARLY ENTRANCE opportunity for those who don't want to wait to see if they won the free ticket :)

So, HERE is the link to the Early Entrance - available for SMB contributors family and friends ONLY before it opens to the whole SMB community!!

If you want a FREE ticket to the event, post a comment below asking me to PICK YOU and I will randomly select two winners on FRIDAY! If you don't win, you still have a handful of days to pick up your early ticket before the rest of the public at 1pm NEXT Wendesday.

Whew! I hope that makes more sense! :)

(Note: Jessica, Mandi, and Erin, I have you entered already so you don't need to comment again!)


  1. Congratulations Erin and Jessica! You guys are the winners!! Thanks for the comment love everyone :)