Friday, July 30, 2010

Bloop Bloop Bloop Bloop...

It's summer!! (in case you missed it). Well, actually "summer" is almost over as school starts Monday for our family. But in Phoenix, I think summer really lasts until November. At least temperature-wise it does.

So, being summer, we needed a weather appropriate summer sport. Thus I give you swimming. Well...Maddi is swimming. As you will see, Izzi is running away out of fear.

Pre-Lesson Smiles

Maddi Practices Back-stroke

Maddi doing forward glides

Izzi getting in the pool

Izzi fleeing the pool

Aaahhhh 2-year olds!! To give her some credit, she did have a little water scare earlier this summer where she went under. Hopefully 9 long months out of the pool will help erase some of her fear of water. Also, Sophi and I will not miss sitting outside at 11:30 four days a week in triple digit heat. Next year, I'm shooting for the 9:00am lesson!

Next month Izzi starts dance while Maddi has chosen to stick with gymnastics. Stay tuned for more of the Williams family sports journey!