Sunday, September 6, 2009


Well...we got an offer on our house. It took 3 weeks and one day to get our first short sale offer on the house. But not only did we get an offer, we got an offer ABOVE our asking price *and* above market value. We received the offer 2 days after my last post, the one where we decided to come current on our mortgage instead of paying off other debt with Jeff's inheritence. [insert amazing praises and awe of God here].

So where do things stand... We are officially in the "short sale" process. Everything has been submitted to the bank and we are waiting for that long-coming answer. I've heard that it can be a matter of weeks, or most likely, a matter of months before we will know the answer from the lender. There are many places where this can fall apart. First, we are current on our mortgage (something that the agents involved and title company are VERY NOT happy about). Second, the offer was above current comps thus creating potential problems with appraisal. Third, well, it's a short sale!

I try to thank God everyday for this process and for where He has us today. I find myself struggling daily not to rush ahead with planning and postulating and thinking about what we are going to do if (or most likely) when we have to move. I'm just about 29 weeks pregnant - able to deliver this baby in under 8 weeks. Maddi is getting more and more settled in her preK class every day and our current plan is to move across the valley so she will need to move schools. My nesting instincts are on high alert! I want nothing more than to be able to wash my hands of this house, this financial burden, say that we've proved we can't afford it, we've got an incredible offer, take-it-oir-leave-it, we're moving out. To find our next house and settle our family as quickly as possible - especially before this baby comes...let alone those right-around-the-corner holidays!! **Also, for those who may not know, I'm a HUGE planner even without being pregnant!

But if there is one thing that I'm learning about our God, it's that He doesn't work how I plan, He doesn't work in how I time things. Forging ahead at full speed with what I see as the best plan eliminates God's plan and truely allowing Him to run my life. I pray God's plan for us daily...and surrender mine hourly (and may this blog be a continual reminder!). Most importantly, I choose to draw close to Him with the knowledge that He won't lead me astray. God knows all that needs to happen with our finances, with the short sale, with the baby coming, with Maddi's school, with moving. And so, I continue to surrender...