Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Fun ~ Craft time!

I am ever searching (like many other moms) for ways to entertain my children during these hot summer months. With the current ages the girls are at, tantrums, naps, bfeeding, and my own sanity, I feel like there are few things that we can actually tackle outside the house.

In an effort to limit tv time and the increasing amount of arguing, screaming and fighting between M and I, I've decided to get crafty. I love Kimberly Bee's photography idea, and may copy that, but for today I've found us with a little trip to Hobby Lobby to stock up on some art supplies and hands-on craft ideas (yay for something besides play-doh and water color!). We were successful in our shopping endeavors and out popped craft #1. Kites, or... no..., I think the're kites...

And that's it! Happy Summer Entertaining to all of you Phoenicians out there!

Friday, June 4, 2010

It's "Tastics"!

Hello Gymnastics (or in Izzi speak "tastics")! This sport will always be near and dear to my heart. As a child gymnast, I have many fond memories of time spent and friends made at Sunrays Gymnastics. So, when Isabelle (and subsequently Maddi) decided that they would like to try Gymnastics, my heart did a little happy backflip :)

Now to *toot* a little momma horn, I must share the following story. At Isabelle's third class I had a parent of one of the other little girls approach me and ask if Izzi was mine. When I sheepishly (thinking she was causing problems) replied yes, they went on about what a natural she was and how she was "built" to do this. I couldn't help but agree (insert big smile and mama pride here). She is absolutely a natural at gymnastics and it's amazing to see at only age 2. I promise myself, Jeff, all of you, and most importantly Isabelle that I will not become one of "those" parents. She currently loves "tastics" and I will support her 100% for as long as she wants to continue in this sport. The day she wants to quit, I may shed a little tear, but I will completely back her up and accept her decision!

Maddi has recently joined Isabelle in "tastics". I always thought that gymnastics would be the perfect fit for my bubbly, energetic, can't-sit-still little girl and it may be. Only time will tell! Until then, I am completely amused each weak as I watch my beautiful un-graceful little duckling flail her body too and fro and laugh with hilarity the entire time. As long as she is having fun, I will be her biggest fan!!