Friday, June 4, 2010

It's "Tastics"!

Hello Gymnastics (or in Izzi speak "tastics")! This sport will always be near and dear to my heart. As a child gymnast, I have many fond memories of time spent and friends made at Sunrays Gymnastics. So, when Isabelle (and subsequently Maddi) decided that they would like to try Gymnastics, my heart did a little happy backflip :)

Now to *toot* a little momma horn, I must share the following story. At Isabelle's third class I had a parent of one of the other little girls approach me and ask if Izzi was mine. When I sheepishly (thinking she was causing problems) replied yes, they went on about what a natural she was and how she was "built" to do this. I couldn't help but agree (insert big smile and mama pride here). She is absolutely a natural at gymnastics and it's amazing to see at only age 2. I promise myself, Jeff, all of you, and most importantly Isabelle that I will not become one of "those" parents. She currently loves "tastics" and I will support her 100% for as long as she wants to continue in this sport. The day she wants to quit, I may shed a little tear, but I will completely back her up and accept her decision!

Maddi has recently joined Isabelle in "tastics". I always thought that gymnastics would be the perfect fit for my bubbly, energetic, can't-sit-still little girl and it may be. Only time will tell! Until then, I am completely amused each weak as I watch my beautiful un-graceful little duckling flail her body too and fro and laugh with hilarity the entire time. As long as she is having fun, I will be her biggest fan!!

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  1. I have the cutest nieces in the whole world! Can I come watch with you sometime?