Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Aye-yah!! ...or is it Hi-yah...

In my quest for how to entertain my oldest, I've decided that it would be good for her to experience and try out some different sports. The City of Glendale has some wonderful programs for affordable prices so I thought we would try some out. And what better place to post these experiences than on our blog :)

Maddi's sport of the month is Karate . I was actually quite surprised that my bubbly, bouncy, boisterous little girl was able to follow the instructions and structures of Karate. I pictured her dancing circles in front of the mirror while she play kicked and did her "cool spinny trick". Instead I found I actually have a little girl that can sit still - I mean it, she didn't even bounce! Not only that, but she followed all directions, responded with "yes sir", and screamed some very loud "aye-yah's!".

I think she's absolutely adorable in her Karate outfit (no, I don't know what it's called. and yes, I will mis-tie her belt for tomorrows lesson) miss Maddi has already informed me that she now wants to take gymnastics.

I guess that gives me four weeks to finding her a super-cute leo.

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