Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Judah's New Born Shoot

We've been super blessed to know and be friends with some stellar photographers - one of them being the AMAZING Kimberly Bee. I love Kim. I know when I schedule a shoot with her, we're going to do something fun...and just possibly illegal. We've sent Jeff carrying a couch into the middle of someone's cotton field, trespassed on what we thought was abandoned as our shoot approached, I wondered what fun we would get up to this time!

Well, since our shoot was during the 120 degree August heat wave, we had a last minute location switch to...our house! Okay...well...turns out that we have a fantastic tree in our backyard. It's a fig tree and it's (much to our neighbors dismay) VERY overgrown. So combine that with Kim's creative eye and wha-la! Naked newborn, balancing in a fig tree in 120 degree heat.

Of course, it wouldn't be a newborn shoot without getting some of the more traditional baby poses so we have those too. And of course, the attempted shot of all the kids. So here you go! Here are some of the photos from Judah's newborn shoot.

I loved this monkey set the minute I saw it - mainly because his dad is well known for some mad climbing skills. So, we now have our little monkey in training.

For more information on Kim, check out her blog - Bumble and Bloom



  1. Love these! My favorite is the black-and-white one of all the kids. Excellent pics as always. :)

  2. WOW Abbi/Kim these are awesome!! I love the smiling monkey shot!! Such talent would be a waste without such a great family to take pictures of! Absolutely beautiful :)

  3. ah, i love the one of you and your boy snuggling. so precious! so blessed :)