Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Grocery Deals: Coupon Clipping Service?

If you've watched the show "Extreme Couponing", you've probably heard mention of a coupon clipping service. I've heard (known) about them for a few years now, ever since I started with the Grocery Game back when Izzi was an infant. But, I've never thought that I would actually use one.

Well, that's recently changed! My friend Erin posted the following about how she gets her coupons: Fast and Cheap Way to get Coupons While I agree that is certainly one way to get your coupons, and for sure, on weeks where the Sunday paper doesn't have ANY it certainly saves you :). But I just couldn't see myself using a clipping service as my sole coupon delivery method for two main reasons:

First, I love being hands on. I need to flip through and look at everything because if there's a good coupon, I might just change brands or try something new. Plus, what if I MISS something because I didn't click a link...OR it's sold out at the clipping service (yes this happens frequently)! Second, I only pay $1/week for the Sunday and Wednesday paper to be delivered to my front door. You can get this by just searching for newspaper deals online. AZ Republic ALWAYS has a renewal code for the $1/week subscription. So as long as I clip 2 coupons each week, it's more than paid for itself already.

BUT! I have started using the clipping services to get some coupons. For example, this past Sunday had a Soy Milk coupon for $1 off one carton. This is huge for us as we go through 1-2 cartons a week (Jeff and Maddi both drink it). The best part about the coupon is that it doesn't expire until 12/31/2011. Hello!!!! Wonderful. So, I ordered 45 copies of this coupon from a clipping service. Which means $45 off what I am ALREADY spending. I don't have to "store" or "stock pile", every week when I go to buy Soy Milk, I grab my coupons. Oh~ and the 45 coupons cost me $5.00 total after shipping. So, even after the cost of ordering them, I will still save $40 ~ on something I buy coupon or not!

So, I think it's valid for you to know that even if you aren't into creating a stock pile or a grocery store in your garage, you can still gain from the use of a clipping service to get some extra coupons and savings on items you already use in your house. If you see a coupon that you would love to have more of - go ahead, and give it a try ;)

Here are the two services that I've used:
The Coupon Master (slightly less expensive and no handling fee)
The Coupon Clippers

Have you ever used a Coupon Clipping Service? If so, is there one you can recommend?


  1. Yay! I agree with you, if you can get the Sunday paper cheap, it makes more sense sometimes to do that than to buy coupons from a service. In my post, I noted that I get less coupons the way I do it, but I find it works for my family. I think that is the most important part about couponing. Find your groove :)

    Thanks for the shout-out! :)

  2. Oh, and I forgot to thank you for the other coupon site! :) I used Coupon Clippers, but it is nice to have a handful of places to check for coupons :)

  3. You're welcome! Also, something to know about The Coupon Clippers is that when a coupon sells out - it drops from their site. So, you could possibly miss coupons out there if you just use their site. The Coupon Master site lists all coupons but will have a "sold out" next to ones that are sold out. But at least it gives you visibility to what's available.