Thursday, May 26, 2011

Grocery Uber Deals - May 25th - 31st

So most of you know I don't "Extreme" coupon, but I do coupon and ad match to save money for our family. Since I've taken the time this morning to get our grocery list together, ad and coupon match, I thought I would post some of the uber deals that are available right now. I only shop at Frys.

**Note - coupons all came out of a Sunday paper. If you don't clip, start now :)

French's Mustard - On Sale $1.49 minus $0.30 coupon (quadruped to $1) = $0.49
Pepperage Farm Cookies - On Sale 3/$5. Buy 2 and use $1 off 2 coupon = $1.17 each
Bar S Franks - On Sale $0.67. Buy 2 and use $1 off 2 coupon = $0.17 each

The next group is all deals clipped from Yesterday's Wednesday Safeway add PLUS Sunday paper coupons. I use them all at Fry's still because I hate going to 8 million stores:

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs - $0.99 each. Buy 2 and use $1 off 2 coupon = $0.50 each
Wish Bone Salad Dressing - $1.19 minus $0.50 off 1 coupon (doubled to $1 off) = $0.19
Heinz Ketchup - $1.69 minus $0.50 off 1 coupon (doubled to $1 off) = $0.69
Glad Ware Containers - $1.99 each. Buy 2 and use $1 off 2 coupon = $1.50 each

These are all items we use in this house. The over supply of hot dogs I will freeze. I will also use a $10 off a $50 purchase coupon from Fresh and Easy to save even more on the things that aren't uber deals.

Also, here is a tool I love: It's a complete coupon database of pretty much all grocery coupons that are available right now and Frys takes them all. I usually take my grocery list and search the database for any additional coupons that I can print based on what I am already going to buy.

This isn't extreme couponing - but I usually save 60-70% off the grocery bill. If you don't coupon and just shop with a VIP card, savings are on average 25-35% so this really does add up when you do it every other week :)

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